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The Real Caño Negro
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We guarantee you will be discover the real Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge of Costa Rica

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Costa Rica Vacation Rentals in Caño Negro, at Casa Mairena can be the right option if you’re looking for a house to rent in Costa Rica, surrounded by nature, proper for nature-lover, for birding, for a photographer, look no further. Not only will you find an almost pristine wildlife refuge in Caño Negro, but we can help you arrange the best excursion. Rather than staying in a hotel, why not choose a location as unique as you are?

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Private customized boat tour, with the best balance between service and price.

Contact us! Let us know what kind of activity would you like to do in Caño Negro by boat. Let us know, if you are a nature lover looking for an ecological tour, or maybe you are more into birdwatching and/or photography.

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